Upcoming Dramas We’re Excited To See!

With every drama that comes to an end, there’s a new one waiting to win is over! And as we bid farewell to some of our current favourites, here are 5 upcoming dramas that we’re anticipating!

1. Laapata – HUM TV

Falling in love with Meenu and bebe in Chupke Chupke, fans were pleasantly surprised to see the teasers of Laapata drop as it features Ayeza Khan, Sara Falak, Ali Rehman Khan, Gohar Rasheed and Asma Abbas! An absolute crowd pleaser already.

2. Dour – GEO TV

With what seems to be an intense plot, we’re all kinds of excited to witness Sania Saeed in a look like never before! Accompanied by Hina Altaf and Azfar Rehman, the drama has gotten our expectations really high!

3. Parizaad – HUM TV

We’re finally getting to see Ahmed Ali Akbar on screen after a long time in Parizaad! Penned by the writing genius of Ishq Zah e Naseeb and Raqs e Bismil, Hashim Nadeem, the drama features Ushna Shah and Saboor Aly and we just can’t wait for the talented trio to create their magic!

4. Fatima Effendi Starrer – GEO TV

Touching on the sensitive topic of class divide and the complexes it creates among the youngsters, the teaser for GEO’s new drama have us excited to see how the plot develops and how the inferiority complexes are dealt with!

5. Ishq Hai – ARY Digital

Making his comeback with Ishq Hai alongside Minal Khan, Danish Taimoor has been rocking his new attire for the drama and with 4 episodes out already, we’re enjoying the developments so far!

6. Sehar Khan & Ali Ansari Starrer – GEO TV

Delighted to see Sehar Khan along with Ali Ansari in a plot that echoes of unrequited love due to class differences, fans can’t help but adore the teasers!

What dramas are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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