This Tweet Has Sparked A Debate On Whether Kids Should Be Out In Public Places Or Not!

Kids will be kids, no matter how well you educate and discipline them, they can definitely stir things up at public places. Probably caught up in the same situation where he had to witness an ill-mannered kid, a guy on Twitter shares how misbehaved and uncontrollable kids shouldn’t be at public places:

The guy also went on to clarify that he’s talking about a certain type of kids:

And the netizens are divided!

People also added how parents shouldn’t laugh at their kids’ badtameezis:

People had strong opinions:

People understood that kids will be kids, but insisted that they be taught manners:

Uh oh!

Fellow parents too agreed!

People wanted it to be heard louder!


People were sharing how boundaries and behaviour shall be defined:

Some weren’t amused at his choice of words:

And while some sided with the guy, others begged to differ:

People were sharing that he should avoid being at public places if he’s annoyed by kids:

People were sharing how kids today are different and that parents shouldn’t be judged so critically:

People weren’t happy:

Some were calling him bitter:

Simple as that:

People wanted others to be kinder to parents:

Makes sense:

What are your thoughts on this matter? Let us know in the comments below!

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