Nida Yasir Faces Twitter Flak For Taking Formula 1 As A Literal Formula In Works!

Live shows are no easy feat, blunders are bound to happen when the hosts come on-air without doing their research. And something similar happened on Nida Yasir’s show where she thought Formula 1 car was just a formula in works for the two guests in her show:

And netizens have a lot to say!

People were sharing their reactions:

People wanted the hosts to be a bit more prepared before hosting:

People found it to be disrespectful to the guests:

Can’t wait to see what he does!




Hahaha 😂

People found it embarrassing to watch:

People couldn’t believe what they were seeing:

People had mixed feelings:

People were shook at the level of intellect:

Oh bhai, maaro mujhay!

Same 😂



And while others were embarrassed, some came to Nida’s rescue:

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