Unveiling Heirloom Tapestry: 5 Reasons why Fahad Hussayn’s Hazaron Khuwahishain Transcends Fashion’s Boundaries

Fashion, when wielded as a tool of storytelling, possesses boundless potential, reserved for those who understand its profound influence and can go beyond the realm of banality. Within Pakistan’s creative landscape, a select few individuals have harnessed this power, out of which, amongst them, Fahad Hussayn emerges as a luminary capable of interweaving rooted narratives with the intricate tapestry of heritage couture.

His latest opus, Hazaron Khuwahishain, epitomizes this confluence of grandeur and finesse.


Within this music video, the splendor of classic heirloom bridal couture by Hussayn harmonizes with the soul-stirring melodies emanating from the mellifluous vocals of Hadiqa Kiani. This symbiotic union exudes an authentic connection, evoking the timeless bond shared between a mother and her daughter—a tale that transcends the boundaries of time.

What distinguishes Hazaron Khuwahishain as an exemplar of classic storytelling and sartorial heritage? Diva explores…



The Conception

Conceived by the virtuoso couturier himself, Hazaron Khuwahishain delves into realms beyond the mere interplay between mother and daughter. It embarks upon a larger discourse—an exploration of the enduring legacy we inherit. Within this narrative, the resplendently adorned dupatta serves as a vessel, showcasing the intrinsic value of heirloom fashion. Through its meticulously crafted design, it reveals a saga exploring myriads of wishes, aspirations, and tales that transcend generations. Truly, it makes us ponder over the ethereal connection that surpasses time, itself.


The Melodies

Interlacing the depth and tenderness inherent in the vocals of the extraordinary Pakistani singer, Hadiqa Kiani, with the opulent visual imagery Fahad Hussayn is renowned for, Hazaron Khuwahishain stands as an homage to all that is timeless and quintessential. Kiani delves into the soulful Raag Sindhi Bhairavi, masterfully weaving Kaafi and Thumri, authentic melodies that resonate with the very essence of the Subcontinent’s soil. She effortlessly embraces the Purabi Ang, seamlessly blending it with the allure of South Punjab, resulting in an unparalleled auditory experience, as one would expect from the celebrated Hadiqa Kiani.


The Sentiments

Beyond the captivating narrative that paints a panorama of emotions, the composition itself holds profound significance in Hadiqa Kiani’s heart. Reportedly, this particular kalam is the final creation gifted to the songstress by her departed mother. Consequently, it has become an indelible symbol of immeasurable love and importance. Thus, the song and its dedication to Hazaron Khuwahishain have acquired an even deeper resonance for the singer, transcending mere artistic expression.


The Aesthetics

In perfect harmony with the melodious rhapsody presented by Hadiqa Kiani, the production design within Hazaron Khuwahishain, crafted under the guidance of Fahad Hussayn’s esteemed institution, the Fahad Hussayn Academy, pays homage to the resplendence of classical South Asian interiors. Ornate embellishments adorning the walls, the vibrancy of the veranda, and the pastel hues permeating the surroundings collectively evoke a bygone era and an untold saga. It actively transports the viewer into a temporal narrative, where the stories of mothers and daughters unfurl through the relentless passage of generations.


The Cast

In true Fahad Hussayn fashion, Hazaron Khuwahishain evokes drama through the raw intensity of emotions, gracefully carried by the on-screen mother-daughter duo, Hadiqa Kiani and Sehar Gohar. Both of these talented divas radiate a poised intensity before the camera, delivering performances that epitomize classical demureness—a quality further enhanced by the remarkable makeup artistry of Maram Azmat, renowned for her illustrious work under the banner of Maram Abroo. What heightens the intrigue of this production is the fact that both Kiani and Gohar, celebrated for their singing and modelling prowess, respectively, have unequivocally proven their mettle as formidable actors.


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