Unimpressed By Their Wall Art, Pakistanis Have A Message For Mr. & Mrs. Sohaib!

Pakistan has been blessed with beautiful places to visit and as the government expands tourism in various areas, it comes with a downside: wall chalking!

Be it an ad for aamil baba, kamzor jism ko mota banana or I love you *XYZ,* we’ve seen them everywhere. Travelling together, a couple tried leaving their mark too:

And the netizens have a lot to say!

What’s this country’s obsession with leaving their names behind?

People were also sharing that the picture is from 2017 but resurfaces every year:

People didn’t want visitors like them:

Makes sense:

Yes please!



It’s just as simple as that:


Neither can we:

Need more people like them:

People wanted them to be fined:


Emphasis on ‘saying:’

Hahaha 😂


Quite possible 😂

Even if the picture is old, it’s good enough to raise awareness and caution other visitors to avoid chalking the walls with their personal maslay. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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