Is It Her Job Or Is The Family Cold Blooded? Twitter Debates!

Social media has its advantages and disadvantages, especially in this day and age, it only takes a picture to get people debating. And today, tweeple are up in arms talking about this specific picture:

And here’s why people are divided:

People wanted the family to treat her right:

People had questions:


People were also sharing how the parents should take care of the child themselves:

People wanted to know why she wasn’t sitting on the same table as them:

People were sharing similar incidents they’d seen in other countries:

People were making all sorts of guesses:

People found it shameful:

Some wondered why we have become such a judgemental society:

People were not happy with the picture taken and shared without consent:

People had solutions:

People were furious!

People were disappointed at the replies!

What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments below!

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