Unaffected By Trolls, Naseebo Lal Is Proud To Have Sung The PSL Anthem & People Are By Her Side!

One of the biggest controversies we’ve seen so far in 2021 is the reaction that the new PSL anthem has gathered. Even days after it’s release, the netizens are still talking about it, some trolling it and some defending it.

Talking to Independent Urdu, Naseebo Lal shared how she feels over the moon to have sung the PSL anthem, she further added how the makers of the anthem gave her the toughest of high notes and she’s glad she nailed them:

And people were moved by her positivity:

People found it wholesome:

People were really happy for her:

We know right? Such a cutie ❤


Happiness and tears of happiness are contagious:

Help yourself, haters!


She clearly won the internet ❤


Man be spilling facts:

Jo baat hai:

10 marks for whoever can answer this:

People’s respect for her multiplied by ten folds:

People shared how they specifically loved her part:

People were sharing how the society takes pride in ridiculing artists:


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