Twitter Just Added Stories To It’s Interface & People Are Wondering What’s Next!

Twitter happens to be the latest social media platform to catch up on the stories interface, inspired by Snapchat, the interface was first adopted by Instagram and then Facebook. If you’ve updated your twitter app recently, chances are you’ve noticed a stories window too!

And people are guessing what’s next!

Lmao 😂

Even the calculator app!

Excuse me Careem, ap bhi?

Okay, why would LinkedIn stay behind?

Netflix didn’t hold back either!

Yep, all stories!

The musicians were having a good time with stories added to Logic Pro too!

I mean, what’s the point of editing when you’re not going put it up, eh?

Oh, the heartbreak!

People were asking the real questions:

Same stories to all apps!


With so many platforms hosting the stories option, people wanted a separate app that could post stories to all apps together:

What do you think about Twitter introducing stories to it’s interface? Let us know in the comments below!


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