Guddu Is The Only Fan in Pakistan To Archive EVERYTHING About Lollywood – Here’s Why You Need To Follow Him!

In its seven decade history, Pakistani cinema has seen a multitude of changes happen, year after year. However, what has remained constant is the love fans have given the stars that mushroom up with every new wave of cinema. One such fan is also Guddu, who has turned his passion for films, into a lifelong goal to archive everything about Lollywood!

Collecting posters, photographs, and other paraphernalia since his childhood, Guddu and his ‘Guddu Film Archive’ are a treasure trove of knowledge that the new generations of cinegoers and film viewers might not even know exists.

Fortunately, that’s where Guddu’s technological evolution comes in with a YouTube and Instagram page!

What do we love on these pages? Diva has the lowdown…


This Interview With Zeba

Zeba was one of the iconic firsts of the industry, and this interview looks back at her time in the industry, where she reigned supreme as a top actress of her times!


This Tête-à-Tête with Salma Waheed Murad

The late actor Waheed Murad was a sensation that people couldn’t get enough of, and almost everything about his life was discussed by people. Here, Guddu has managed to bring back the nostalgia of his life by interviewing his widow, Salma Waheed.


This Informative Video About Actress Rani’s Death

Rani was a pure sensation with her hit films in the 70s, which are still loved to this date. In this video, Guddu looks at the life of the popular actress and her untimely demise.


This Fun Collection of Wedding Songs!

Guddu not only conducts interviews and archives films, but he also has some great collections of the songs and dances from the eras gone by!


This Interview With Lollywood’s Famous Dancer Rakhshi

Guddu’s responsible for making us remember names that many may have forgotten now, but have a thousand pearls of wisdom to give us!


This Heartfelt Tribute to Tariq Aziz

From his interviews to his tributes, each video from the archive proves the knowledge Guddu has about Lollywood and its shining stars!


This Video Looking At The Glammed Up Lollywood Eids

Many may not have ever seen the glamorous behind the scenes of the industry from the era gone by, but such videos by Guddu have managed to entice people.


Check out more of Guddu’s work here and here.







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