Twitter Comes Out to Support PIA CEO Arshad Malik After His Successes Are Undermined with #PIANeedsArshadMalik

With Pakistan International Airline (PIA) proving to be a viable and integral part of the aviation industry once again under the leadership of Arshad Malik, there seem to be many trolls who are now trying to undermine his successes.

PIA has made progress in leaps in the past one year under the new leadership and his aviation and management experience have been like an asset for PIA, through which one sees improved operations, expanded opportunities, and decisions that are for the greater good rather than an individual gain!

However, leave it to the trolls to try to deny and shun the truth…

But, of course, Twitter sees and speaks the truth, and this time it was going to be no different.

Under Arshad Malik’s leadership, PIA has reduced losses and increased revenue, it has started ancillary services, increased cargo load factor, seat factor, and increased the schedule reliability up to 90 %. These are by all mean achievements and only possible with a strong leader. Arshad Malik is what PIA needed a strong, passionate and committed leader, who has dedicated his life to serving the country.

The Tweeple also noticed that during AM’s tenure, PIA has reduced losses and increased its revenue by over 40% due to improved management, whilst the move to enter into industry partnerships with ARY, McDonald’s, Jazz, Careem, Askari Bank provided passengers more value and reduced operations costs for PIA.

Many believe, that in all honesty, PIA kept its promise of being equal too, and thus, supported Sikh Yatris, Buddhist pilgrims, celebrated Christmas, played Burda Shareef, which in all senses, personified the words of the Quaid, that Pakistan is for everyone with equal rights.

As the trolls get silenced, many Tweeples were quick to notice that PIA is doing good and is truly on the right track. It needs continuity in the leadership that’s doing a good job and is showing results. There is plenty factual proof of how great PIA is doing under the leadership of AM, and the voice of the people does say, ‘please let Pakistan prosper and please let PIA prosper.’

A few people also spoke about how the corrupt leeches in PIA are the ones who are annoyed that PIA is improving because it means they will have to work or will be pushed out. So they are now using underhanded ways to attack those who have the good of PIA at heart.

The larger argument has been that PIA is finally getting out of decades of neglect and all because of the personal attention and dedication of one man Arshad Malik and his team, and for the first time, PIA is great as it was at the time of the greats, such as Noor Khan.

While Twitter has come out in support of the truth, one thing is clear that Arshad Malik has not let the corrupt and those who have used the national asset get away with damaging the airline, and now they are using any possible way to attack him.


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