Hareem Shah’s father released a video message in tears and the internet is divided

Tik Tok star Hareem Shah has been quite the centre of attention ever since she filmed videos in the Foreign Ministry of Affairs. Hareem has been surrounded by many controversies lately, from leaking private videos to a hundred fake accounts tweeting out one video after another, there’s no stopping.

Following the recent leaked clips circling on social media, Hareem’s father took to internet to apologise for her daughter’s actions:

The man can be seen crying throughout the video and hopes that people will forgive her for all the hurt and inconvenience she’s caused them. The video garnered mixed response from the netizens:

Some were worried that this might turn into a case like that of Qandeel Baloch’s:

Many were heart broken at the helplessness of a father:

People were feeling sorry for Hareem’s father:

Some shed tears with the father:

People were sending prayers:

Some were using the situation as an example for social media ruining families:

Some were of the opinion that it was too late for an apology:

Some weren’t convinced:

Some thought Hareem may be suffering from Schizophrenia:

People think there’s more to the story:

Some just didn’t get thr point of the video:

People were praying that the situation doesn’t turn out to be like Qandeel’s:

Some thought he was threatening to kill her:

Some were calling it a drama:

Some thought he had exposed himself:

People had questions:

Some has theories that the girls were being ‘used:’


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