Tweeple Are Debating Whether FSc Students Can Solve Cambridge Papers & It’s Getting Out Of Hand!

Students on Twitter are back at comparing the Cambridge students and their capabilities to FSc students. A Twitter user claimed that FSc students wouldn’t even be able to solve the mathematics paper for grade 8:

And things got heated up real quick!


People were sharing how matric/FSc maths was way harder:

Some shared how the tweet stands true:

People were sharing how they studied the same books and scored pretty well:

Others were calling it a superiority complex:

People were explaining how the syllabi were different:

People were disappointed!


One of the students claimed to solve the Cambridge past papers with no problems at all:

Some shared how the boy didn’t mean it:

People came right back at him and wanted him to solve their Urdu paper:

People had questions:

Jo baat hai:

It’s not the same:

Shots were fired:


People couldn’t stop throwing shade:

I mean, okay, you didn’t have to hit us with facts like this:

What are your thoughts on this matter? Let us know in the comments below!

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