TV Talk: 7 Times Celebs Had a Lot to Say on Tonite With HSY!

There’s never a dull moment on Pakistani television, and if it has the added Tarka of a talk show with the biggest superstars of the country, there’s ought to be fieriness bursting at the seams from every episode. If you still don’t get it, we’re talking about the much-loved and deeply-discussed talk show, Tonite With HSY!

Although the show is currently on a hiatus, we’ve been doing a lot of television surfing in the past few locked-down months, and have found some treasured moments in the reruns, which we think everyone should get to see again!

Why? Well, because they just simply are crazy and wild enough to laugh, haw haye or get shocked with in every way.

What are those moments? Diva has the lowdown…

When Sadaf Kanwal said Mahira Khan is just famous because she’s gori

Leave it to Sadaf Kanwal to say it no holds barred! Sharing the couch with Amna Ilyas, the models were discussing Pakistan’s fair-skin obsession, and Sadaf used Mahira as an example. “In Pakistan, fair skin sells,” she started. “Look at Mahira Khan, she’s pyari and gori. That’s why she’s famous.” Although both Sheroo and Amna veered the conversation and added that she’s talented too, it was one awks situation.


When Syra Yousuf dissed almost every celeb

Syra Yousuf is one celeb who speaks her mind when she has to, and it happened when she was on the show. Appearing with her sister, Alishba Yousuf, the sister act had tons to say and laugh about. Be it rating Fawad Khan a 4 on 10 on his personality to calling Anoushey Ashraf, Manoushey, the duo had TONS to diss-cuss.


When Asim Azhar did not consider Hadiqa Kiani a legend

Asim Azhar isn’t usually controversy’s favourite child, but on this particular episode with Momina Mustehsan, he became one. The conversation revolved around saying the first word that comes to mind about a singer, and Momina promptly said ‘legend’ when Hadiqa’s name was taken. Asim wasn’t convinced.  “Legend is too big of a word for me. The standards for a legend are too high,” he quipped. “Someone with a stature of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan who has influenced people can be called a legend!”


When Meera wanted to make Veena Malik’s biopic

There are a few rare moments in the film industry and its friendships, and this surely was one, where both Meera and Veena seemed to be in awe of each other. So much so, that Meera even claimed she wanted to make a film on Veena’s tumultuous life. Well, we would have taken it as a compliment, but we don’t think Veena did! “I want to direct it and I want to cast Veena in it,” Meera explained. However, Veena was quick to clap back. “How much do you know about my life?” She questioned.


When Vaneeza went to the Taj Mahal without a permit

Leave it to our celebs to find their way around problems in a foreign land – that too at the Taj Mahal!  “We were in New Delhi for a shoot and us (Nickie Nina, Ather Shehzad, and HSY) – wanted to visit the Taj Mahal,” she revealed. “We asked around if we were allowed to go since we didn’t have the visa permit, and we were told we can. Long story short, we went with me wearing six outfits since there were no changing rooms, and we were caught by two officials. We actually had to give them money to let us go!”


When Shoaib Akhtar said no legend is uncontroversial

If you thought the other moments of the show were interesting, nothing beats this. When HSY asked Shoaib Akhtar what his views were on being titled a ‘bad boy’, he just questioned the title and said, “Tell me one Pakistani celeb/star who is not controversial?” On this, HSY interjected saying Fawad Khan, while Wasim Akram said Misbah-Ul-Haq. Taking his fair share of silence, Shoaib replies, “I was talking about legends!”


When Sanam Saeed & Aamina Sheikh said we’re not feminists

The then sister act, Sanam Saeed and Aamina Sheikh appeared on the show to talk about their film Cake, and amidst that, they also had other ton of stuff to say. When the duo was asked if they’re feminists, both had quite a weird response to give and said we’re not feminists. Although Sanam went on to AT LEAST say she believes in fighting for women rights.


Which moment on Tonite with HSY is your favourite? Tell us in the comment section below.


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