Truer Words Have Never Been Spoken About ‘Pasand Ki Shadi’, & Dukhray Go On!

Shaadis are very complicated in our culture, jisko kerni nai hai uski ho rahi hai, jisko kerni hai uski ho nai rahi, jo kerna chahta hai usko koi mil nai raha, jo nai kerna chahta they’re swarmed with rishtas left and right!

And while we’re at it, a girl on Twitter has half the people relating big time to being permitted a pasand ki shadi but not finding anyone of their pasand:

And the netizens feel attacked, in a relatable way!

Dard, takleef:


A pinch of salt for your wounds:

Sir, your privilege is showing 😭


Lmaooo 😂

People were sharing true stories:

There were memes to laugh at the misery:


Bari naazuk surat-e-haal hai:


Bhola’s wisdom making full sense:

Humari bhi!

Aisa bhi hota hai?

He makes a valid point!

Not coming slow:

Exactly, two sides to every story!

Wait, so all these years we’ve been getting played?

Batao bhala, yeh bhi koi baat hui?

What do you think about this scenario? What lot are you from? Let us know in the comments below!


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