Firdous Jamal said Mahira Khan should play motherly roles and the internet is on fire!

Just when you thought the celebrities were done bringing each other down, another clip has gone viral. And this time it isn’t a no name actor but seasoned veteran actor Firdous Jamal who has been finding himself under heat on stating his opinion against Mahira Khan.


Being a guest at Faysal Qureshi’s show, when asked about Mahira Khan, Faysal Qureshi started off by saying that none of her films has been a hit yet. After which Firdous Jamal added that Mahira Khan is not ‘heroine stuff,’ he also shared how he finds Mahira to be a ‘mediocre sort of a model and not a good actress’. He then continued to  suggest that Mahira take up roles of playing a mother rather than a heroine. And this did not sit well with the audience!

Firdous Jamal’s comments upset a ton of fans and fellow colleagues:


People also expressed their disappointment over Faysal Qureshi not defending Mahira:


Humayun Saeed shared how disappointed he was at the comments made:


Fahad Mustafa took a dig at the veteran actor and admitted how she is the ultimate superstar for him:


Osman Khalid Butt shared how these stereotypes need to be broken, immediately!


And as usual, people took his tweet on the opposite direction, but he gave them befitting replies one after another!


Sarmad Khoosat shared a little piece from Ghalib for Mahira, and it’s absolutely beautiful:


Mawra Hocane came hard defending Mahira:


Mirza Gohar Rasheed pointed out how, when on national television, words should be used wisely:

He then continued to say that belittling juniors like this is never right:

He then concluded his tweet by saying how he expected better from him:


Anoushey Ashraf pointed out how she has nothing to do with one’s acting abilities:


Tooba Siddiqui said how we’ve all had enough of celebrities putting each other down:


Madiha Rizvi too posted a status on Facebook sending love to Mahira:


Singer Annie Khalid pointed out the double standards in the society:


We bet:


People compared how Firdous Jamal’s comments made absolutely no sense:


People voiced their opinions loud and clear:


People shared how this incident proves that women have to struggle much harder in the industry:


People wanted that very kind if confidence:


Many said how Mahira has no time to deal with ‘salty uncles:’


Many argued that Mahira wouldn’t have the 2 million fans she has if she was a mediocre actress:


People were appalled:


Some shared how respect was a two way road:


Many were offended on the poor choice of words:


Some said being a senior actor does not give him a certificate to demean anyone


Many thought Firdous Jamal was enjoying his fame with a hashtag:


Journalists also come forward in Mahira’s support:


Hamna Zubair who doesn’t mince words asked someone to tell Bushra Ansari to give him a chapair…


Maliha Rehman questioned why at all people are judging actresses by their age?



After getting loads of hate, Faysal Qureshi took to Twitter to share how the comments made by the veteran actor were unnecessary and uncalled for:


He then promised to address the matter on the same platform where the damage was done:


And while some were fuming, others stood with Firdous Jamal:


Many thought he had called her out rightly:


People were angry at the so called ‘burgers’ schooling him:


Some found validation:


Veena Malik shared how criticism should be taken constructively to help one grow:


Some said that celebrities all around the world are criticized:



Many had to agree with what he said but thought he shouldn’t have mentioned the age part:


This quotable quote by Babra Sharief though!!! That’s all.



What do you think about Firdous Jamal’s comments? Has it become a new trend to bash Mahira? Let us know in the comments below!

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