#TimesUp: Mohsin Abbas Haider’s wife alleges the actor of domestic violence

Looks like time for Mohsin Abbas Haider really is up. His wife Fatema Sohail shared her shocking story last night alleging that Mohsin was cheating on her and when she found out about it, he beat her.


In a status on Facebook, Fatima shared ‘zulm bardasht karna gunaah hai,’ and shared her story.



She continues to say that when she confronted him on his affair, Mohsin allegedly, ‘pulled me from hair, dragged me on floor, kicked me several times, punched me on face & threw me on the wall.’ She also shared how she was pregnant with their son when this happened.


She then continued saying that a few months later she welcomed the baby alone, while Mohsin was allegedly sleeping with an emerging model and actress named Nazish Jehangir.


Fatima then revealed how Mohsin came to see her and the baby 2 days after the delivery, only to take pictures for social media.


Fatema shares how she then went to Mohsin after almost a month asking him to take responsibility of their son but he beat her, again, and blatantly refused to do anything.

She ended her status saying that she’s had enough of Mohsin’s crap and will now see him in court next.

People have been lauding Fatema for speaking up against the domestic abuse she was facing at the hands of Mohsin:


People want Mohsin Abbas to be cancelled!


People want his wife to drag him to jail and not let go off this case:


Some shared how they never got good vibes from him:


People were disappointed:


People also commented how in cases like these, women are told to settle:


He lost tons of his fans, and rightfully so:


People talked about how people like Mohsin were sheer hypocrites:


It led many to actually believe that men are trash:


What do you think about this situation? Should Mohsin be cancelled? Let us know in the comments below!

  1. Men like this should be thrown out if fame inmediately… he act too over confident.. and the way he was speaking about his 2nd marriage made me think that something is wrong!!
    Less days of repute Mohsin!!

  2. He should banned from industry. Someone should take a step . He should know that he cant act as a playboy and move around with pride . Social boycott of this boy . Wrong should be wronged.

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