Tiktoker Ali Khan Hyderabadi Under Fire For Calling A Fan ‘Kaali’ On His Instagram Live!

Ever since Tiktok got banned in Pakistan, tiktok stars have resorted to other social media platforms to connect with their fans including Instagram and Facebook.

A tiktoker from Hyderabad named Ali Khan, held an Instagram live to connect with his fans but his comments on one of the fans who joined the live have the internet shook!

YouTuber Saad Ur Rehman, a.k.a Ducky Bhai, shared a little clip from the live session to twitter and people have a lot to say!

People were calling Tiktok cancerous:

People were appalled:

Many kind of agreed with the ban culture:

People were disgusted:

Many criticized the parents on their upbringing:


People were heart broken:

Many believed that the fan did it on purpose, but even if it was on purpose, it’s not okay to call someone out on their skin colour:

Ducky also took this tweet to throw shade on Irfan Junejo:

People were fuming!


People wanted the kid to be punished:

People were feeling for the fan:

I guess, never?

People were upset!


People couldn’t believe their ears:


What do you think about the vile comments? Let us know in the comments below!

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