TikTok: To Ban Or Not To Ban, The Debate Is On!

According to the numbers shared by the Peshawar High Court, around 9.8M objectionable videos were removed from Tiktok and about 720,000 accounts were blocked for spreading vulgar content in the country.

In an attempt to reinforce the safety guidelines, Tiktok Pakistan has been raising awareness time and time again, asking the users to create and surf the app safely:

Soon after the numbers were revealed, netizens took to twitter to share what they think of the matter, some supporting a full ban on the app and others wanting to educate the influencers on creating better content, here’s what they’ve got to say!

People added other apps that they wanted to be banned:

Some had questions!

Some were calling Tiktok an app that promotes pornography:

Cricketer Shahid Hameed shared how it was time to wake up:

People were also sharing how there should be a certain set of laws:

People were calling it cancer:

Some had bad parenting to blame for the immoral content:

People were sharing how Tiktok has an adverse effect on mental health:

People were throwing shade:

People also took it as an opportunity to throw shade at Hania Aamir:

Some were of the opinion that people should be guided better to avoid misuse:

And while others were all for Tiktok and similar apps to be banned, some believed that banning the app was not a long term solution:

People were also sharing how the influencers should be held accountable:

Some also believed that the recent fight at the assembly was worse than the content on the app:

What are your thoughts on this matter? Should Tiktok be banned? Let us know in the comments below!

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