#100MostBeautifulWomen: Here Are The Ones Pakistanis Have Nominated This Year!

A few weeks back, Pakistanis went all out nominating the most handsome men for 2021 and now, it’s time to nominate the most beautiful women for the year.

And here’s everyone the Pakistanis have nominated so far:

Esra Bilgic i.e nation’s favourite Haleema Sultan was a top contender:

People were also nominating Dr. Yasmin for her passionate efforts to fight covid-19 while battling cancer herself:


The list would obviously be incomplete without Mahira Khan:


Sajal Ali was a popular nominee:

Ayeza Khan was hard to miss!

The very gorgeous Iman Aly and Kubra Khan were nominated as well:

Maya Ali made it to the list as well:

The evergreen Mahnoor Baloch made it to the list as well:

Nadia Hussain was also nominated:

Maleeha Hashmi made it to the list as well:

True ❤️

People also nominated the brave and beautiful Muniba Mazari:

PTI fans also nominated the First Lady Bushra Bibi:

Someone nominated Firdous Aashiq Awan as well:

PMLN fans nominated Maryam Nawaz:

Someone nominated Reham Khan too!

Some, who clearly missed the memo, nominated Alex Bhatti as well:

Who would you like to nominate? Let us know in the comments below!


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