Tiktok Star Adil Rajput’s Wife Shares Fake News of Husband’s Death And People Are Disgusted!

On a disgusting route to gain followers, Tiktok star Adil Rajput’s wife posted a video to Tiktok crying and announcing that Adil Rajput has passed away in a car accident:

The video has been making rounds on social media fooling fans into thinking that the tiktok star has died and condolences started to pour in online. However, when a media channel tried going to their neighborhood, the news turned out to be fake!

And people are livid!

People wanted the Cyber Crime department to look into matter:


People were calling it sheer stupidity!

Some were absolutely furious!

People were requesting the concerned authorities to ban the app:

Many were in sheer disbelief!

People wanted them to have some shame:

People were disgusted:

Some felt the nation deserved this:

People were questioning his wife’s morals:


People were lauding the wife’s acting skills:

People are now unfollowing the couple on Tiktok to teach them a lesson:

What are your thoughts on this scene? Let us know in the comments below!

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