This Guy’s Thread On How The Celebrities Sabotaged The Real Protest At Karachi Press Club Has People Disappointed In Them!

In the wake of the motorway incident, a second protest was held at the Karaci Press Club where majority of the Karachi based celebrities were present raising their voice, and they’re being heartily lauded for it too!

However, a guy named Moiz a.k.a our very own Shumaila Bhatti on Twitter has a totally different story to tell exposing the ugly protest-for-PR culture, here’s what he’s got to say:

He starts by sharing how the usual vendors were pushed back because they were too ugly to be in the press shots:

He then shares how their presence had the media chasing them, leaving the ordinary citizens alone:

The celebrities also refused to join the trans’ protest where they too were marching against rape and violence:

People from the trans protest had to leave because of zero media coverage:

He then continues to expose the hypocrisy:

He then shared how the celebrities are being lauded since then:

He shared how heart breaking it was:

He then shares how classism is still one of Pakistan’s core issue:

He explains his point further:

And repeats that our pain is not for sale:

He also adds a little fun fact at the end:

His thread has been going viral on twitter and people are disappointed:

People were sharing how some celebrities have been attending several protests without making a show of it:

People had lost respect:

People were calling the thread the BTS of the protest:

People were comparing them to the CCPO Lahore:

Many wanted the stan fans to read the thread:

Some were curious to know why the celebrity protest was held on another day:

People were seething with rage:

People wanted this attitude to stop!

People were finding it utterly disgusting:

What do you think about Moiz’s thread? Let us know in the comments below!

  1. Wonderful article and what a brave guy Moiz is.
    Love his way of showing real face of these fake people.

    Thanks for publishing this article.

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