Tiktok Pakistan Has Politics Of Their Own & Their Mutalbas Are Hilarious!

People, especially tiktokers have been ecstatic ever since the ban on the app was lifted by PTA, and it’s safe to say that these tiktokers have been mindful of the content they’ve been uploading lately.

And just like we have Model United Nations (MUNs) taking place in educational institutes, tiktokers have their own version of what we like to call Model Pakistan Politics where they’re seemingly trying to run the country on their own and it’s so much more interesting than the real politics in the country right now!

And it’s just a whole mood, with the PM acknowledging the demand for his resignation:

The ultimatum, omg!

Uh oh, politics can be dirty!

We stan a PM who takes criticism positively:

The exposè of the year:

Just incase you needed to see the headlines:

The whole narrative has the internet way too invested!

We hope so too!


People have been loving the developments:

Hashtags to de-seat the ruling PM were ready:

They did!

There’s more to come!

Jo baat hai!


People had a lot to say on the matter:

People were lauding them for sensible journalism:

We might have already downloaded it just for this:


And it’s only going to get even more serious:

We’ll have to wait and watch:


Are you excited to see what’s next? Because we are! Let us know in the comments below!

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