Tik Tok star Hareem Shah’s visit to Ministry of Foreign Affairs sparks controversy, PM Office takes notice

Tik tok is an app very popular amongst the youth of our country, and the lengths to which people go just for the sake of going viral has killed many. Hareem Shah, a tik tok star who currently sits at 1.5M followers has been trending on Twitter for a video that went viral:

And this wasn’t the only video that went viral, here’s a lowdown of her tour:

The video showed her taking rounds of the committee room with Indian songs in the background…

It was initially being said that the video was from the PM House, however it was later revealed that the video was from the committee room at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And the internet is absolutely furious!

People were also speaking from their personal experience about the protocol and security:

Many demanded that Hareem be tried in a criminal court:

People were questioning the Foreign Office:

And there were memes that broke the internet:

People wanted an inquiry asap:

People were tagging Imran Khan, looking for answers:

Many were disappointed how the hashtag #HareemShah was the number 1 trend:

More memes!

Lmao this one had us dying!

People were angry on no action being taken:

In an interview on a news channel Hareem revealed that no one really stopped her from recording there:

Many thought she was doing this for publicity:

And of course, there was character assasination:

Some were hopeless:

Some reported that Hareem had an appointment with Shah Mahmood Qureishi:

People thought she was a disgrace!

And while many were bashing her to the core, a few were actually defending her:

Many looked at the bright side:

Many thought she was being sent hate because she was a female:

According to reports the PM Office has taken notice of the matter and a probe has been launched to find out how the girl managed to enter the MoFA building and who facilitated her.

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