This thread on corona victim’s burial will make your blood run cold & compel you to stay home

For most of us corona virus might just be in numbers, but here’s the grave reality of it, not being able to say your final good byes, not being able to lower your loved ones in the grave, this thread from a funeral of a corona victim in Hungu will send shivers down your spine:

From no one being able to say their last good byes to being lowered down in the grave via ropes, the account had everyone’s heart breaking as they urged people to take corona seriously:

People were urging others to read the thread and stay safe:

On point:

Many were worried how this thread will become our collective reality if we don’t take precautions:

It was heart breaking:

It moved people to tears:

Some actually felt what it must have been like:

People were requesting others to socially distance themselves:


Very painful indeed:

People were scared:

If only everyone could realize the seriousness of the problem:

Physically painful to read, absolutely:

Some were calling it an azaab:

People wanted everyone to read the thread and learn from it:

Some feared that victims in future might not even get a proper namaz-e-janazah:



An eye opening reality:

If this thread doesn’t chill you to the bone and compel you to stay at home then we don’t know what will, please practice social distancing and avoid stepping out of the house until and unless its necessary, stay safe!

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