This guy made an entire song out of the Walls jingle and we’re blown away!

Self quarantine has everyone exploring their artistic side, and producer Farasat Anees is no exception. Inspired by the iconic Wall’s ice cream jingle, he decided to actually make a full on song out of it!

In a video that he shared to his social media accounts, Farasat shared a step by step build up of the song adding one thing and then another to have a beautiful song that the internet just can’t get over!

The coolest thing we’ve seen today!

I swear!

Someone please tell us!

The kind of content we live for!

The song has quite the fan following already:


People were mind-blown!


People wanted to see the song in the next walls ad:

Is it? Yes!


Now that’s high praise!

It gave goosebumps to some!

People were living for it!

People were sharing their favourite parts from the song:


What do you think of Farasat’s song? Isn’t it amazing? Let us know in the comments below!

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