This shop tried selling kurtis without shalwars calling them Boho Vintage Dresses and the desis are losing their minds!


White people are hilarious when it comes to cultural appropriation, be it copying our Peshawari chappals, our truck art patterns, our kohlapuris or our ajrak print. But this time, they let it go a little too far by posting pictures of normal kurties and angrakhas, that too without shalwar or pajamas, only to call them ‘Boho Vintage Dresses.’ And they were proper kameezein, some A line, some straight, some paneled and some actual angrakhas, the reactions were absolutely hilarious!


Umm, yeah! A website that goes by the name Thrifted got their hands on some kurtis to sell, except, they weren’t the dresses they thought they were and people lost their minds!


Many shared how the dress was okay as long as it was on a white body:




People were appalled at the audacity!


People were calling out on the looks they’d get whenever they wore it:


Some wanted to call the police!


People were sharing pictures of them wearing the very boho vintage dress:


Us too!


Honestly, our families be welcoming us with chappals and chhittars if we wore this to one of our family gatherings:


The desi girls were not coming slow!


Well, the brits version:




I guess we’ll never know:


Someone please tell them:


I mean, just the sound of it:


It made people sick!


Some wanted to know what these people were smoking:


And while many were calling them out of cultural appropriation, some were legit concerned about them selling an anarkali had worn long time ago for a lot of money:


Some were left speechless!


The pieces have now been removed from the website after people started calling them out but we just can’t get over it! What do you guys think about this fiasco? Let us know in the comments below!


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