This scene from Ehd e Wafa has everyone proud of their parents!

Ehd e Wafa has been an absolute favourite for many since day 1, and the drama has so much to offer, so much to teach! A scene where Sheheryar takes over for his father when he’s sick touched the hearts of many:

A scene so simple and short had such a deep meaning to it:

And the internet was moved, with everyone sharing how proud they were of their parents’ profession:

Some were teachers:

Some had served the country:

Some shared how their fathers had to work multiple jobs to make ends meet:

Some were proud of their father’s honesty:

No profession should be looked down upon:

This girl shared how her father let her pursue medical studies:

We’re super proud too!

How we wish our parents could live to see us achieve everything they’d dreamt of:

People were sharing how one should never be ashamed in doing what their fathers did for a living:

Shoutout to all the beautiful and hard working parents!


We bet he’s super proud of you too!

Exactly, no shame!

This girl shared how her cousins were embarrassed to introduce her father as their chacha because of his profession:

There was appreciation for housewives too, which they deserve!

You go, Dr. Fouzia, more power to you!

Fathers are the real superheroes!

Absolutely unconditional!

We’re in awe of all the people who shared how proud they are of their parents and we’re rooting for every single one of you!

How proud are you of your parents? Let us know in the comments below!

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