Diva Jukebox: 20 Evergreen Lollywood Hit Songs That People Love Even Today!

Pakistan has been extremely lucky when it comes to music, and that is no secret. From the much-loved era of pop and rock of the 1990s to the indie-pop days of the late 2000s, there’s been something for everyone to enjoy. However, amongst every genre of music in the market, nothing has been able to break the magic that the Lollywood era left behind.

Capturing hearts for the first three decades of the country’s existence (1950s – 1970s), Lollywood music defined generations and their choice of music, and to this date, retain a special position in the hearts of many.

What evergreen songs were they and what made them so special? Diva explores…

Chana Sachi Muchi – Pheray (1949)

One of the first uber-popular songs to hit the Pakistani audiences, the Punjabi song won many hearts!


Chandni Raatein – Dupatta (1952)

A song that Madam Noor Jehan will forever be remembered for, Chandi Raatein remains a classic that people cannot ever forget.

Ulfat Ki Nayi – Qatil (1955)

An Iqbal Bano classic, the song made waves when it hit the cinema screens in 1955.


Kalli Kalli Jaan Dukh Lakh Te – Patay Khan (1955)

Composed by the legendary Akhtar Hussain who was only 17 when he composed the song, Kalli Kalli Jaan was much adored for its melancholic and heart-wrenching lyrics and tune.

Aye Mausam Rangeele Suhane – Saath Laakh (1957)

A song that has seen many renditions, Aye Mausam remains evergreen to date.


Dil Ka Diya Jalaya – Koel (1959)

Another Noor Jehan classic, Dil Ka Diya Jalaya was enjoyed for its lyrics, which to this date, remain popular.


Kabhi Tum Bhi Humse Thay Ashna – Ghoonghat (1962)

A song that holds special importance for how it hits the lovelorn, this song by Noor Jehan for Ghoonghat went on to become ever more popular in the voices of many singers.


Ja Apni Hasraton Pe Ansoo – Susraal (1962)

One of the most popular songs from Lollywood to hit the screens, the once ghazal-turned-song became a super hit.


Jaan-e-Baharaan – Azra (1962)

The song retains a prominent place in Pakistani film music both for its stylised lyrics and experimental tune.


Gulon Mein Rang Bhare – Farangi (1964)

A song that was later covered in Bollywood, Gulon Mein Rang by Faiz Ahmed Faiz remains a classic!


Ko Ko Korina – Armaan (1966)

A song that remains one of the most popular Lollywood songs of all time, Ko Ko Korina enjoys a popularity that perhaps no other song does!


Akele Na Jaana – Armaan (1966)

A classic that Waheed Murad fans can never forget, Akele Na Jaana is a haunting tune for the ages.


Kuch Log Rooth Kar Bhi – Andaleeb (1969)

An exquisite hit from Waheed Murad’s Andaleeb, the song gained cult status quite early on.

Jub Koi Pyar Se Bulayega – Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai (1969)

A song for the heartbroken, Jub Koi holds special importance for being one of the most popular songs to come from this era.


Sun Manjhli Di Mithri Tan Ve  – Heer Ranjha (1970)

One of the most popular Punjabi songs, Heer Ranjha’s classic still hits the right notes.


Ranjish Hi Sahi – Mohabbat (1972)

A Mehdi Hassan classic, Ranjish Hi Sahi still hits all the right notes for many.


Mera Babu Chail Chabila – Mann Ki Jeet (1972)

Runa Laila’s classic number, the song went onto become the most popular in Pakistan and across the border in Bollywood!

Bijli Bhari Hai – Koshish (1976)

A Naheed Akhter classic, this fast number is still a quirky hit today.


Hamari Sanson – Mere Hazoor (1977)

A song that went on to become an evergreen hit, Hamari Sanson remains a favourite amongst those who loved the golden age of Lollywood.


Mujhe Dil Se – Aina (1977)

A classic featuring Shabnam and Nadeem, Mujhe Dil Se remains an evergreen hit.


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