This neighborhood in Karachi is winning the internet with its one of a kind Pakistan Day celebration!

Many people have been practising self-quaratine for days now and yesterday where the country observed a non-elaborate Pakistan Day, this neighborhood in Karachi broke the internet with their one of a kind celebration!

The video was loved and appreciated by many:

Faiza Saleem and Fouzia Aman too loved it!

People also shared the video to twitter:

People loved the idea:

Some suggested that they do it everyday:


Some pointed out how this was inspired by Italy:

Haha, cute!

People just couldn’t get enough!

People found the video cute and heartwarming:

People were lauding their zinda dilli:

Can’t wait!

People were living for the vibe!


People were very fond of the video:

The kind of wholesome content we signed up for:

And while there was a ton of love for the video, it received quite the hate too:

Many were sharing how only the rich we’re privileged enough to do this:

Some were wondering what there was to celebrate:


Some weren’t amused at all:

People were calling them out on copying Italy:

Some wondered if it gets annoying for others:

There was a lot of hate:


Rukhsana aunty needs to chill:

Some couldn’t really understand the reason for so much hate:


Yeh cheez!

What do you think about the video? Let us know in the comments below!

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