Hira Mani gets trolled for her latest Instagram upload!

A few days back Hira Mani got quite the backlash for calling the Americans ‘phattu’ for wearing protective gear to combat corona, the actress is under fire yet again for a picture she uploaded to Instagram:

In the picture Hira is preaching everyone to practice self quarantine and people are schooling her:

Her fans were urging her to socially distance herself:

Some put it in Hira’s own words:

It’s the same Hira Mani:

Some had questions:

Some were relating it to Meray Paas Tum Ho:

That’s the word!

People were lauding her dedication:

Many were calling the picture uncalled for:

People were asking her to stay away from her family:

Many thought she was seeking attention:

Mard bari pyari cheez hai:

Some were calling her a hypocrite:

Some noticed how she wasn’t even wearing her mask properly:

Yar 😂

People were praying ke Allah aqal dein:

Some had lost hope:

Many were of the opinion uska mard, uski marzi and umm?

What do you think about people trolling Hira? Let us know in the comments below!

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