This might be the coldest winters in Karachi and the karachiites are loving every bit of it!

When you’re a Karachiite, you know naseeb mei bus garmi khana likha hai, but not this winters! The city has been experiencing one of the coldest winters with chilly breezes and a bit of rain here and there and people are just not ready for it.

Taking to Twitter, people have been sharing how cold the Karachi winters have been and it’s hilarious!

We’re wondering the same:

This is legit us:

Some were actually digging it:

There were memes:

Mashallah 🧿:


Dil pe chhuriyan toh mat chalao yar:


Everyone who thinks Karachi is over reacting, read this!

Seh leinge thora:

Some were worried about the climate change:

People were distributing sweaters and blankets to the less privileged:


Lolol, definitely us:

Oh yar, bus karo:

Lag toh waqayi yehi raha hai:

Need one right now:

Fashion ka hai yeh jalwa~

Some were living for the Karachi winters:

Are you loving the winters in Karachi? Let us know in the comments below!

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