Politician Hina Butt is being trolled for using her 3.98 GPA from LUMS as a defense on a talk show

Pakistani politician, Hina Parvez Butt, was recently on the show ‘To The Point With Mansoor Ali Khan,’ where she was seen outraged over the fact that Mansoor, a journalist and the host of the show, alleged that she became a Member of the Provincial Assembly (MPA) due to her financial well-being.

She took to Twitter to express the same outrage, where she shared a video of her doing her best to shut down the host.

During the course of her retort, however, she brought up the fact that she: 

a) is a LUMSU LUMS graduate and

b) has a GPA of 3.98

She talked about a bunch of other stuff during the course of the small video as well, but our awaam found something to cling to and thus, the trolling began.

Some people couldn’t help but drag LUMS alongside

Others thought it was a strange thing to add in an argument

People pretty much didn’t get why she threw in her GPA and university

Some wondered whether a 3.98 GPA from LUMS is a qualifying factor for a seat in the Provincial Assembly

Others questioned this “benchmark for superiority”

Some people took rather personal digs

The internet can truly be brutal and everything one says can (and often is) used against them. What do you think about this fiasco? Let us know in the comments.

Sajeer Shaikh

Just trying to become a meme.

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