This Man’s Tribute To Minorities Who’ve Made Pakistan Proud Is Everything You Need To Read Today!

National minorities day was observed throughout the country yesterday and Pakistanis paid their respects to via seminars, social gathering and tweets.

To recognize the contribution and sacrifices of minorities in the country, this man has compiled a thread of all the heroes and we guarantee it’s the best thing you’ll read today!

Starting off with Cecil Chaudhry, he moved to the iconic Benjamin sisters:

He then moved to Justice Rana Bhagwanda:

Moving the Dr. Faridoon Sethna whose legacy is now being carried forward by his son Zaryab Sethna:

He then shares with us Major Harcharan Singh:

He then moves to chef Florence Villiers:

Then comes Dr. Ruth Pfau whose services shall never be forgotten:

He then pays homage to Dilshad Najmuddin:

Next comes Dr. Abdus Salam who won a Nobel Prize in Physics:

He then moved to acknowledge the efforts of Jamshed Nussarwanjee Mehta:

Then comes the forgotten star of Karachi, SB John and his family:

Famous for her literary work, Bapsi Sidhwa was next:

Then comes Asia’s Regional Director for IUCN:

He then moved to Anil Dalpat Sonavaria, his period brief but meaningful!

Then came the iconic Arthur Nayyar, who was very popular in the 70s and 80s:

Then comes the Principal for both St. Lawrence and St. Patrick’s, Anthony Theodore Lobo:

Next comes the undisputed king of Punjabi rappers, Bohemia!

Next he moved the longest standing diplomat, Jamsheed Marker:

Next was the man who served as Pakistan’s first non-Muslim Chief Justice, Albert Robert Cornelius:

He ended the list on Air Commodre Władysław Józef Marian Turowicz is considered as one of the chief architects of the PAF and Pakistan’s space program:

We owe so much to the minorities that live amongst us, and Diva salutes them for their undying efforts!

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