This man thinks standing 6 hours for his wife is LOVE, but the internet is a little confused about it


Another day, another disagreement at twitter! A man posted a picture of a man who kept standing throughout the 6 hour flight only to let his wife sleep peacefully on the plane.


He captioned the picture with the details of the event and called it love, but people on the internet weren’t on the same page as him.

Many thought she could have rested her head in his lap and slept:


Many blamed the wife for taking advantage of him:


Some corrected him that it wasn’t love but rather selfishness:


Many women called her a wife they’d never wanna be:


Some called it ‘man abuse’


Some were calling it slavery:


Some were appalled at how there were 3 seats and she couldn’t even spare him one:


Some came forward and said how their husband would do the same but they won’t ask for it:


Some wondered what it’d be like of the roles were reversed:


Some were sure the flight attendants wouldn’t have allowed this:


I mean, it really didn’t add up:


Our woke pakistani brothers came chanting runn-mureed:


Many thought he was blatantly lying:


Some shared the most iconic scene from Titanic… JACK!


People just weren’t having it at love:


Many thought how people should let go off the idea of love that involves suffering:


And while many were bashing the woman and discarding the idea of calling it love, some came to her defense:


Many joked about how he had spent the 6 hours planning a divorce but they were shut down savagely:


Some thought the man knew the very definition of selfless love:


And many agreed on how it can make him a better man:


Some were calling him a real man:


Some were very observant:


Some thought she might have been sick:


Many kept on saying that it was a made up lie:


Some men came forward on how they would have done the same:


Some had compelling theories:


Grammar nazis were at it too:


What do you think about this situation? Is this love? Let us know in the comments below!

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