This man from Quetta is all the motivation you need to start working out!

When it comes to working out, consistency is the key! This man in Quetta takes his workout regime very seriously and will give you all the motivation you need!

In the video a man from Quetta can be seen working out despite the unusual circumstances, which proves that excuses to not workout are for the weak! And the internet is loving him:

It motivated others:

Deep and true!

People were genuinely up for the idea to be implemented:

Excuses are for the weak!

Jaan hai toh jahan hai:

We do too!

We’re all creative in our own ways!

Health is wealth:


Many were impressed:

People were lauding him for his confidence and not caring about others:

He has fans already!

Some thought he was preparing for the azaadi March:

Well here’s the secret to his tagra-pan:


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