This kachray wala’s honesty will restore your faith in humanity!

With so much negativity around us, we barely come across anything that makes our day, and today the story of how a family lost 350,000 and found them in the garbage with the help of the boy who used to pick their garbage will melt your heart!

A girl put forward the story shared by Abbas Naqvi of how they had not all hope of finding their money back, but with the help of the boy who used to pick their trash, they actually found it!

And this little act of kindness and honesty is winning hearts all over the internet!

It left many speechless:

People were lauding the family:

Naik loug abhi bhi hain:

Couldn’t have been said better:

Some shared stories of their own and how people helped them:

People were amazed!

People were appreciating the father and the kid:


People were proud of the honest family:

Read of the day for sure:

It was heart warming for many:

It gave hope to many:


Real life superheroes indeed!





Jo baat hai:

Money isn’t everything!

Faith in humanity restored:

What do you think about this father-son duo? Let us know in the comments below!

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