This girl explains the real meanings of the emojis we’ve been sending randomly, and oops!

As the Valentine’s Day is just hours away, this girl on twitter decided it was time for a little emoji lesson for all the folks out there:

And damn, it was a much needed lesson which had the internet all embarrassed recalling all the times they’ve used the emojis wrong, us included 🙈

We learn something new everyday:


People had their own interpretations 😂

We’ve toh lost count of the people we’ve sent this to:

Say no to chummas from random people:


The safest bet out there!

Humain bhi yehi laga tha 😂

It changed the meaning of emojis for some:

Uh oh…

A much needed one:

People were thanking her for the lesson:

Some stressed on how they shouldn’t be sent out randomly:

I mean, why not:

Women wanted the men especially to take notes:

Water cooler dein inko:

Facts and only facts:

What emojis have you been using wrong? Let us know in the comments below!

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