This heartwarming video of Pakistani Christians practising social distancing while singing hymns is winning hearts!

As the country undergoes a lockdown, people have been barred from congregational prayers, churches and temples have also been closed to contain the virus and people are requested to pray at home.

And following the set of orders given, this family decided to do the Sunday service at home on their terrace:

As they sang hymns on their terrace, they weren’t a 100% confident:

But what came next, moved them!

And people couldn’t help but laud them:

And just in case you wanted to witness what it was like, here’s the video:

And this little thread has the internet loving it!

Many people thought others could take cues from this:

People found it to be very wholesome!

It was a beautiful sight for some:

People were thanking him for sharing it:

It gave some goosebumps:

People were sending him more power and love:

Absolutely beautiful!

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