10 Times Pakistani ‘Dude With Sign’ Left Us Reeling For More!

The ongoing situation with the spread of COVID-19 around the globe isn’t really letting anyone breathe a sigh of relief, and in this situation, any effort to make people smile just wins it for us!

Now, one such example who is leaving us in stitches with his antics and has left us asking for more is Pakistan’s very own man with a placard plan, Hamzah AKA the Dude With Sign PK!

What is our version of the Dude With Sign saying that is so worthwhile? Diva has the lowdown…

When He Poked Fun at Those Transgressing the Lockdown!

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How does that saying go? Laaton Ke Bhoot, Baaton Se….  Yeah, that’s right and Hamzah wants everyone to realise it!

When He Gave Us All An Important Public Service Announcement

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It can wait. #coronavirus

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In the times of Corona, bathroom mein phone na use karo na.


When He Gave Us The Message of Inclusion

In the times when every little gesture counts, unite with the white in the flag!

When He Reminded Us What Being A Man Actually Means

A simple message, yet many seem to be forgetting it all the time.


When He Reminded Us of PSL Ethics

Enjoy the game, think about the waving later, yeah?


When He Reminded Us of The Eternal Meme Fodder That is Chand Nawab

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Yes, please don’t disturb Chand Nawab as he tells us…Karachi Se…Karachi Se Apnon Mein Eid Manane Ke Liye…


When He Was One of The Firsts To Remind Us To Wash Our Hands

At this point, even killing 99.99% is fine!


When He Went To Meet The Quaid!

Beat this OG, Dudewithsign! Ours can do this at the Quaid’s mausoleum!


When He Reminded Us to Stand for Kashmir!

A sign for all the right reasons!


And in the end, When He Reminded Us That…

That’s right, I’m rubber and you’re glue… you know the rest.


Check out more of his work here!


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