15 things you can do in quarantine

We know you’ve read a 100 articles on what to do while you’re in quarantine, and the fact that you’re here tells us that none of those tips have helped! So here’s a little something you can do while you’re quarantined.

  1. Get moving!

Or hey, at least be a good sport about it and try like this little one!

  1. Clean the house

This is no time to let the laziness get the best of you, get up, sanitize the door knobs and switches and make sure the house is clean!

  1. Join celebrities on their Insta-live sessions

This is our new obsession to be very honest, joining our favourite celebrities on their live sessions and finding gems like these!

  1. Recreate them memes!

What better way to kill time? Select your favourite meme and recreate it!

  1. Brush up your reading skills

A great time to check if you have a future in doing voice overs or reading news on live television, Meera jee approves!

  1. Get in touch with all your selves!

Sit down, have a tea party, it’s all about you!

  1. Revisit your favourite songs

You’ll be surprised at the details you might have missed!

  1. Take care of your personal hygiene

Login to YouTube and learn to thread your own upper lips and brows!

  1. Revive some old hobbies

A great time to get back to what you loved doing, and that does not include taking naps!

  1. Shower!

We suggest you do both!

  1. Get crafty!

Gather your kids for a crafty DIY session, take cues from Sarwat Gillani!

  1. Try your hand at cooking!

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Banana oatmeal muffins

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With no restaurants delivering, this is a great time to make all your favourite food at home! Who knows you might be the next master chef!

  1. Perfect your makeup skills!

Wanna snatch that wing? Do it, because practice makes perfect and trust us, with just one week of practice you’ll be applying great wings even in your sleep!

  1. Pray!

With Ramadan being right around the corner, this is a good time to instill praying habits, pray for everyone around you and pray for mercy.

  1. Combat social gatherings

Coronavirus is no joke, anytime you see social gatherings, do whatever it takes to stop them!

And whatever you do, don’t text your ex, please! Let us know how you’re keeping yourself occupied during quarantine!

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