This guy’s thread on ‘advertising agencies as memes’ is the funniest thing you’ll see today!

Life at a creative agency is never easy, juggling between clients, meetings, pitches and ideas, it’s a lot to take on!

And this guy on twitter is here to tell your tale via memes and it is absolutely hilarious!

Ek dum waqt badal gaya, jazbaat badal gaye 😂

Time is money 😂

We can’t even 😂


Baat toh sach hai:

Yeh idea bohat mehenga hai:

Couldn’t get any more accurate 😂


Sahi baat hai:

Hisaab doh!

Jaisay bataya hai, waisay chalna hai:


Waada hai!

Blogger biraadri ke gham:


Creative execs ka gham sirf creative execs hi samajh saktay hain:

Jee, acha:

Paisay ki baarish!

With so many memes to relate, people just couldn’t stop lauding the guy for his genius memes:

People were relating to it on a very personal level 😂

It was the funniest thing people had seen all day:

What do you think of the thread? Can you relate? Let us know in the comments below!

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