Twitter is back with it’s annual debate on how to wish Ramzan and you might need an update!

It’s not Ramzan on Twitter until some boomer decides to question the change from Ramzan to Ramadan every year, and every year desi twitter loses its patience trying to settle the debate!

And this year is no different:

And people presented their reasons:

Uh oh, we still call it sehri, will the world accept us?

People were sharing similar changes:

For some Khuda Hafiz turning into Allah Hafiz was more worrying:

Some were just done with it!

Dunya chand pe pohanch gayi aur hum yaheen ke yaheen hain:

Yes please!

Quarantine’s really been getting to us:


Some were asking the real questions!

Some came straight to point, no crap!

Lol 😂

Some were upset:


Some actually had an answer:

About time someone said it:



Some were just not having it!

Did this settle the debate for you? Because we do not want to see this question next year! Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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