This guy’s offer to do grocery and errands for the elderly is winning the internet!

People from all around the world have been sharing heart breaking pictures of the elderly in grocery stores staring at empty aisles, and considering that people above the age of 60 are most vulnerable to contacting the coronavirus.

In an effort to help the elderly in his own city, Karachi, Najib has set a great example of how we should be helping each other in trying times like these:

It’s hard to find gentlemen like him these days:

Najib’s heart warming offer of doing groceries and running errands for the elderly is winning the internet!

People were moved by his kind gesture:

We definitely need more people like Najib!

People were really happy:

He was being blessed with a ton of prayers!

It sure is:

He inspired many to do the same in their cities:


A beautiful gesture indeed:

We always have each other’s backs!

Many deemed him a hero ❤


People were lauding his kindness and bravery:

Many were thanking him for the offer:

People were all praise!

There was a lot of love in the replies:

His kindness had many encouraging him:

We stan a man who has a heart so pure and selfless! What do you think about Najib’s heart warming gesture? Let us know in the comments below!

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