This doctor busts the coronavirus myths flooding social media

The mysterious spread of corona virus has left the world panicking and amidst all this panicking, there have been plenty of myths circulating around on various social media platforms, from Whatsapp to Facebook and even LinkedIn, it’s what everyone’s talking about. And today we’re busting all the corona myths that you may have been believing in with the help of a doctor and the World Health Organization(WHO), so keep reading!

1. Will corona virus go away in summer?

2. Mosquitos can be the carriers of the virus?

3. The self-diagnostic 10 second breathing test?

4. Will blood banks test my blood for corona if I donate blood?

5. Keeping your throat moist and increasing your water intake will kill the virus?

6. Social distancing is more of an over-reactive response.

7. Why is everyone panicking over a virus that has only 3.4% mortality rate?

8. Sanitizers vs soap & water, what’s a better option?

9. Should I be sanitizing everything in my house?

10. Corona is a deliberately spread virus?

11. Can pets catch the corona virus?

12. Do bananas and garlic really cure corona?

13. Can antibiotics fight the coronavirus?
14. Is everyone equally susceptible to the virus?
15. Alcohol and chlorine sprays can stop the virus from entering your body?
16. Can pneumonia vaccines prevent us from corona?
We’re hoping all the myths have been debunked, if you have more questions or myths to debunk, comment them down below and stay safe!

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