this guy tried shaming Iqra Aziz but Iqra’s sister came right back at him!


When you’re a celebrity, people will almost always find a way to bring in your past at any given moment. Similarly, this guy shared an old picture of Iqra Aziz from 2018 and called her ‘ghaleez,’ the tweet has now been deleted but here’s a screenshot:

People left no chance to take a dig at Iqra:


Comparing the two pictures, the tweet gathered tons of retweets and feedback:


Some were shocked, not sure why:


Lmao, the reference to a turtle coming out of its shell because clearly the turtle and Iqra share the same anatomy:


Paisa kahan se agaya?


People were having a hard time accepting that Iqra Aziz was a different person than the characters she plays in her dramas:


And there were some who thought that the guy didn’t really need to upload these pictures:


People had questions for the guy:


But Iqra’s sister, Sidra Aziz, had no chill and came right back at the guy:

You go, girl!


People quickly came to Sidra’s support:


It all makes sense now!


Because some woke Muslim brother thinks otherwise:


People shared how everyone will be accountable for their own deeds rather than someone else’s:


Baat toh sach hai…


Haha, free judgments!




What do you think about people constantly posting old pictures of celebrities to shame them? Let us know in the comments below!

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