This guy tried calling out on all LUMS rejectees and the internet is furious!

You find all sorts of people on Twitter, sometimes discussing but mostly arguing… One of the most popular debates apart from Karachi vs Lahore happens to be LUMS vs all other institutes.


A girl shared how she felt about LUMS students flexing about their institute:


And a very charged up student decided to give her a piece of his mind:


His tweet triggered a ton of people:


As he started getting called out he decided to make a video response:


His video gathered a lot of attention, but not all attention is good attention. The internet really came for him!


Is your mom as savage as her? We think not!


B U R N N N!


That’s sad…


People really wanted him to stop embarrassing himself and his institute:


People were weighing the students at LUMS:


Bold statements were made:


Some gave him a much needed reality check:


People were calling him out for bringing bad name to the institute:


Many suggested that he chills out because it was just LUMS:


People started tagging the official account of LUMS for action to be taken:


Shots were fired:


I guess time will tell:


He even got precious advice from a senior:


He has a point:


People were questioning his common sense:


People wished he had bought self-awareness from daddy’s money:




People were sharing their reactions:


And while people were bashing Ali for the distasteful video, there were a few who urged others to not blame the institute itself:


The viral video gathered so much negative feedback that the student body at LUMS issued an apology:


What do you think about this lad shaming the society for being under-privileged? Let us know in the comments below!

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