This guy thinks women are normalizing inappropriate clothes and the netizens are debating!

There’s almost always a debate going on at Twitter and today its about women normalizing inappropriate clothing in the name of women empowerment after a guy tweeted this out:

And people had a lot to say!

Many were keen on everyone having the freedom of what they want to wear:

Jo baat hai!

Many dared him to say this to a gori:

There were personal attacks!

Some believe that haya and behaya lie in the eyes of the beholder:

Many were sharing how they’d deal with the situation:

Some wanted to stop normalising crimes:

Many were of the opinion to look away if they didn’t like what others were wearing:

Many were sharing what women face on a daily basis:

Shots were fired!

Some were appalled at the comparison:

Many thought it was a common sight already:

Some were up for a fair comparison:

Some advised him to lower his gaze if he had a problem:

Many called him out on commenting on women being a man:

Many men came forward with incidents they’d seen:

Some were of the opinion that both men and women should be educated on appropriate behaviour:

Some were defending him:

And in the end, came an explanation:

What do you think about this tweet? Let us know in the comments below!

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