Netflix released the trailer of its upcoming series “Messiah” and the netizens can’t calm down

The trailer for Netflix’s latest series Messiah had everyone losing their minds as people started relating it to the antichrist, Dajjal.

And within no time the hashtag #Dajjal became the number 1 trend on Twitter!
And people had a lot of theories, one of the guys got blocked by Netflix for tweeting out a major plot twist!

Many were surprised how the series had instilled fear in others:

It had many talking about actual Dajjal:

No, thank you, Netflix:

Many thought he’s the guy to get Netflix banned in Pakistan:

For real guys:

A productive day for Shaitaan:

People were not okay with the trailer:

Okay, wow!

Never going to look at Netflix the way I used to…

Many were alarmed:

All publicity is good publicity, remember!

Some were very observant!

Many were confused at others being scared:

People were tweeting out their reactions:

This was legit me!

What? Why? Where? How?

Uh oh, times up!

Bruh, it gave me a heart attack!


Yes please:


And while many were planning to not watch the series, others were interested to see how it goes:

Not sure if this is sarcasm…


Imagine relying on a Netflix series for Islamic education:

Some were just not getting the outrage:

I mean…

People had questions:

Okay, this is getting out of hands now:

What do you think about the trailer? Let us know in the comments below!

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