This guy thinks the national sports of Pakistan should be tennis and people are not having it!

With the national hobby of some being switching crushes from one girl to another, a guy shared how the national sports should be changed to tennis because the girl in the picture looked appealing to him apparently:

And it was only a matter of a few minutes that the tweet started getting attention:

The tharakpan was real:

Is it?

People were sharing how if women from their fraternity do the same, they’re sworn at by people:

Woh toh hai:


Shots were fired:


National sport hai bully kerna:


People were concerned how the girl in the picture was just 14 and yet so closely scrutinized by him:

Jo baat hai:

People were coming at him with facts:

Some already had a problem with the clothes:


Ooof, savage!

And the reply was winning the internet:

Women were sharing how they can’t even walk in peace and kahan tennis:

People were lauding her for her reply:

Some vaguely shared what it would be like for women to play tennis here:

This hit hard:


What do you think about this tweet? Let us know in the comments below!

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