This guy shared the bond he has with his parents and the Internet is in awe!

With so much negativity on social media, this man shared a little story of the bond his parents share and it is guaranteed to make your day!

Hassan shared a little something from his parents’ life after cancer and it’s the sweetest thing you’ll read today:

The internet was in awe of the bond they shared:

It reminded some of their parents and how their world changed after losing one of them:

Our parents just don’t give up:


People were sharing stories of their own parents:


Real life superman:

The things they do for us:


People were living for the sweet gesture:

Some were sharing the things they regretted:

Ours too, not sure how we’ll ever cope up without them:

It warmed many hearts:

Couldn’t have been put in better words:

There’s no comparison:

Oof, our heart!

Both the parents actually:

People were sending love, prayers and more power their way:

What do you think about the bomd they share? Let us know in the comments below!

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